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How Generac Fuel Tracker Works

The result is a real-time view of your fuel tank to ensure you don't run out.
Step 1

Purchase Monitor from Generac Online Store.

Step 2

Make sure you have a remote ready dial – if not, send a picture to info@generacfuel.com and we can send you the correct one!

Step 3

Download the Generac Mobile Link App via Apple Store or Google Play and set up your device.
Set alerts, track usage history and monitor tank level from anyone via your phone.

Step 4

Never run out again by tracking your real-time tank level from anywhere via your phone – and if you want to share your tank level with your fuel supplier we can do that too!

Get the Generac Mobile Link App

Icon Generac Mobile Link App

This app enables you to see your real-time tank level and set low fuel level alerts

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Gain Greater Peace of Mind with a Tank Monitor from Generac
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